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No matter what industry you find you’re in, potential (and current) clients frequently ask “How much is this going to cost?” It’s a fair and reasonable question; the answer not only is the basis of negotiations , it will also set the stage for expectations and encapsulates the value that will be delivered – after all, you get what you pay for.

Unfortunately, in the web design industry, it’s impossible to give an exact fixed-price quote without having a solid understanding of a client’s requirements and expectations. If you’re here to find out exactly how much it will cost to (re)design your website, the short answer is – “It depends”.

You get what you pay for.

The exact cost of your web design project can vary widely, depending on who you contract (i.e. their skill level, and their ability to flush out implicit and explicit needs) and your requirements (i.e. how complicated and how well-articulated are your needs). If you need proof, submit the exact same Request for Proposal (RFP) to 5 different agencies, or freelancers, and you’ll receive 5 completely different proposals. With such a dizzying array and seemingly disparate responses, how do you determine which proposal (and designer / design team) is right for you and is the best fit for your needs?

The answer lies in the value that will be delivered.

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The case for responsive website designs...

There’s very little doubt about how much mobile devices have drastically changed our daily lives. From looking up product/consumer reviews to looking up directions, from finding store hours to finding local deals, smartphones are our most personal of devices.

“They stay with us as we move across time, activities, and locations, and they have become the device of choice during the critical ‘micro-moments’ when we want to know, go, do, or buy.”

With 82% of smartphone users reporting to have turned to their phone to influence a purchase decision, doesn’t it make sense that your company’s web presence is designed to target consumers on the go?

Cost Breakdown

Simple respnsive design

3 to 7 pages
Planning: $45 - $90
UI & Visual Design: $90 – $180
Development: $180 - $540
Page Copy: $0 - $800
Testing & Launch: $90 - $180
Totaling: $405 - $1,790
<1 week to complete

Complex web design

7 to 25 pages
Planning: $90 - $270
UI & Visual Design: $180 – $540
Development: $540 - $1,620
Page Copy: $0 - $2,825
Testing & Launch: $180 - $540
Totaling: $990 - $5,795
2 - 5 weeks to complete

Exterprise web design

25 to 100 pages
Planning: $270 - $1,080
UI & Visual Design: $540 – $2,160
Development: $1,620 - $6,480
Page Copy: $2,825 - $11,300
Testing & Launch: $540 - $2,160
Totaling: $5,795 - $23,180
5 - 20 weeks to complete

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Our Design Approach

With the traditional waterfall approach, you typically spend days specifying requirements, then days defining the user acceptance test plan, then weeks developing the code, then days designing the user interface, then weeks testing the code, and then days debugging the code, etc. By the time a finished product is delivered, you are often running out of cash and because end users were not consulted or able to provide feedback along the way, the finished product is obsolete or fails to meet the customer’s needs.

Agile development, on the other hand, performs these tasks in parallel. With agile we plan, analyze, design, develop, document, and test simultaneously and iteratively. And, we invite user groups to steer development by being part of the process.

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